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Exercise is the best treatment for preventing Memory Loss and Dementia

In fact, there was a study that came out several years ago showing that in people over age 65, Aerobic Exercise, grows the memory areas of the brain on MRI!

So, you can grow your brain after age 65!

(A) Example of hippocampus segmentation and graphs demonstrating an increase in hippocampus volume for the aerobic exercise group and a decrease in volume for the stretching control group. The Time × Group interaction was significant (P < 0.001) for both left and right regions, from Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2011 Feb 15; 108(7): 3017–3022.

In fact multiple experts agree than an exercise program, when combined with brain and social stimulation can more than double the effects of medication!

How do you know if the exercise you are doing is Aerobic?

Use the formula below:

What exercises are best are best for people over age 50?

I would say those that get the heart rate up without straining the joints.

For people over age 70, I would be concerned about balance and recommend other activities. See below:

How do we track our pulse? There are several ways. See below:

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