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How We Make a Diagnosis Things to Give Dr. Glazer Before Your First Visit

It helps us to have as much information as possible to give you the most information.

Please do your best to obtain these things Dr. Glazer usually cannot make a diagnosis without these:

  • A recent Progress Note from your PCP
  • Any notes or testing done by previous Neurologist(s)

  • Please have your PCP order blood work for any medical contributors to memory changes, including CBC, CMP, TSH, B1, B6, B12, methylmalonic acid, folic acid, ammonia, vitamin D, HIV, FTA-Ab testing, WITH NO VITAMINS OR SUPPLEMENTS TAKEN 24 HOURS BEFORE THE BLOOD DRAW. You don't have to be fasting. 

  • Please have your PCP order a urinalysis with urine culture, and 24-hr lead, arsenic, and mercury testing.

  • A brain MRI without contrast, specifying coronal T1's on the order, and please bring both the report and the CD with images.

  • Neuropsychology testing, specifically providing the RAW DATA in the report (PCP must specify this on the referral)*

*Neuropsychology testing should only be ordered if a person has good hearing or is wearing functional hearing aides, and if he or she is capable of following commands.  To test this, ask your loved one to follow a two-step commands given all at in one sentence (don't pause after each step), such as "Touch your nose and then show me your thumb". 

If a person can do this, the two neuropsychology providers I recommend are: Dr. Mark Todd at (954) 659-5670 or Dr. Thomas Crum at (954) 518-5507.  I need the neuropsychology to include the RAW DATA and please have them print out a copy and give it to you as opposed to faxing it to me. Faxes sometimes don't get sent.  You are your best advocate.  Please don't read their conclusions because they are not doctors and don't know how to interpret labs, medical problems, or an MRI.

If a person cannot follow a two-step command, or has poor hearing or lack of hearing aides, then I will do my own testing in the office.


You can send these via a HIPAA-compliant messaging app called OhMD, or via email at the address below if you are comfortable sharing medical information by email.

Please note that especially in the case of needing Neuropsychology or memory testing, or the complexity of the case, Dr. G may need more than an hour with you to explain the diagnosis and where to start with the treatment.  Dr. G has time for this.  She charges $9 per minute (same as the $540 per 1 hr visit fee) for this.

Please note that sometimes a diagnosis cannot be made on the first visit because additional unexpected testing may be needed depending on your individual case.  In that case, a diagnosis will occur on a prompt follow-up visit or by video if preferred.

We appreciate your efforts getting these things coordinated for us before the visit!

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