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Our Mission

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We have all been personally impacted by impacts to our brain.

Who have you known who has not suffered from concussion, motor vehicle accidents, or impacts to the brain.

We are here to make sure this is prevented, and to provide support those impacted by concussion and the loved ones for caregiving for them. 

Our Goals

1) Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Support.

Did you know that the most common cause of death in people suffering the long-term consequences of concussion is suicide?

We are here to provide support (including medical) to those combating mental health issues as they battle with the effects of their concussions.

2) Caregiving Support

Did you know that the burden on Caregivers for people with concussion is just as great as for those going through the long-term effects of concussion

3) You Tell Us!

Please tell us your needs, such as medical support, financial assistance, social worker access, housing support, as you battle through your obstacles!

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